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Super Sunny Multi-Use Backyard

This client had a large square backyard that wasn't particularly interesting and was way too hot most of the afternoon. She wanted to be able to enjoy the space, grow food, and was also very concerned with groundwater recharge. The downspouts from the roof were directed into a large dry creek for onsite water harvesting which also serves as a main visual feature as it curves through the garden. Meandering pathways of decomposed granite lead you wherever you might want to go - whether that's out to the patio to get some shade under the arbor in the hot afternoon sun, or to the elongated raised vegetable beds. Party guests can sit at one of two patios or even sit on the generous benches around the sides of the raised bed. Curving shapes allow all of the garden features to flow together. Plants were installed on large soil mounds which allow for excellent drainage as well as topographic interest. Client's existing heirloom roses were replanted throughout garden. This overgrown weedy space was transformed into a beautiful, multi-functional garden for entertaining, relaxing, growing food, and recharging groundwater. Click through the gallery to see photos of installation, then four years post-installation.