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Edibles and Entertaining

The owners of this very small home have no back yard and wanted to pack a lot of features into the sunny front yard. Designing small gardens can actually be challenging as using the space has to be ultra-efficient. Design goals included an area to grow vegetables, space to sit in the sun and privacy from the busy street. Gently curving Arizona flagstone pathways connect all of the garden features which include two large redwood raised vegetable beds. These special beds have seating walls on all four sides for enjoying your glass of wine and maximizing the space. We installed new redwood fences, pergolas and gates to provide a sense of enclosure from the street. Mounding, drought-tolerant Mediterranean plants create year-round color and invite insect activity. Hidden beneath the surface is a series of drains to address slope and runoff issues in the rainy season. You don't need a lot of space to enjoy the beautiful Santa Cruz outdoors!