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Aptos Hills Deer-Resistant and Drought-Tolerant

This active family needed to overhaul this large property but didn't know where to start. "It's like three acres of boring dirt and weeds", said my client. The steeply sloped property did indeed present unique challenges with ever-present voracious deer, the need for erosion control and bank stabilization, large areas that required planting while still considering water conservation, and the need for beautification and modernization to tie into the aesthetic of the newly renovated home. Concurrently, safety and access to all parts of the property were a consideration. Landscaping goals were accomplished through careful plant selection and judicious use of retaining walls in various styles throughout the property. Generous railroad tie steps were used on sloping side yards. The landscaped portions converge gracefully with the existing oak woodland. Children can play and hide in many fun spots, while my client's elderly grandmother can safely walk around.