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Whale Watching From The Deck

This stunning home is located just above the beach in the desirable Rio Del Mar neighborhood in Aptos. My client poured her soul into the remodel which took the home down to studs. She has impeccable, contemporary taste and the home is a piece of art. We needed exquisite landscaping to tie the outside to the inside. Deeply contrasting and textural foliage-based design, copper gutters, and gorgeous light sconces now set off this contemporary gem. For the steep back hillside, we opted to do a hillside restoration and chose plants that existed in coastal terrace ecosystem prior to development. We removed tons of invasive iceplant and the whole hillside now buzzing with hummingbirds and pollinators, in addition to framing the ocean view with an undulating tapestry of plants. You can actually see spouting whales from the deck!