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Victorian Boho Cottage Garden

This 1906 Victorian downtown San Jose has been lovingly restored and needed a beautiful garden to match. This project represented a perfect match of designer/ client collaboration and creative exchange. My client desired functional, distinct garden rooms with significant character and boho artistic aesthetic. Our collaboration was fun and iterative, and the end result was spectacular. We went with a bright color palette in purples, pinks and whites to complement the deep blue-violet body of the home. All plants are long-blooming, super drought-tolerant and big pollinator magnets. We splurged on some features like the gas fire pit, while strategically saving money on other items. The outdoor bathtub (used *every* day) is plumbed for hot baths under the stars and strategically positioned for privacy. The ancient fecund grandmother of all grapefruit trees generously provides freshly squeezed juice as a mixer while guests relax in the afternoon heat of the Silicon Valley.