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Beachfront Bliss

This enviable property sits perched on the bluff directly across from the ocean in the La Selva Beach neighborhood of Aptos. Project goals included overall beautification via plants with year-round color and showy blooms, more privacy on the patio and deck, and a way to deter frequent dog-walkers from cutting through the garden. We accomplished this last goal by building up soil mounds behind retaining walls and using taller plants at the apex. Privacy for the deck was achieved by the addition of sleek stucco walls. Project features a large swath of a walkable, drought-tolerant grass alternative. Special care was devoted to selecting plants that can withstand the wind, fog and salt-spray that occur near the ocean. South African and Australian plants figure prominently into the plant palette and create a vibrant complimentary color scheme against the ocean backdrop. Who wouldn't want to spend time in this ocean-view garden?